What is Educational Praxis?

Educational Praxis is a grassroots non-profit organization consisting of teachers, musicians, health workers, community members and students. Our goal is to use education as the force to connect people from distinct backgrounds together in a setting to exchange local and global knowledge and skills. All Praxis members draw on their experience and work on a volunteer basis to accomplish this goal.


Praxis as an educational concept was developed by Paulo Freire. It is the time when theory and practice reflection and action fuse. Educational Praxis provides the learning experiences in which knowledge can be translated into action for liberation.


Educational Praxis members think there is a vital need for broader and deeper knowledge of historical, political and economic issues. In a time of globalization, there are few people-to-people encounters where new ways of human interaction emerge. Praxis works to change this by forging new links to promote critical thinking and creative action.

Educational Praxis
"The world is our classroom"